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      1 Installation and debugging machine to better serve our custonmers.
      2 Provide on-line technical guidance for consumers.
      3 Provide parts and accessories.
      4 Provide maintenance and test.
      5 Pay a return visit to our machines to better service our customers.

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      About Cover


      fast delivery

      We promise quick delivery time and shipment.

      efficient service

      Professional exproting department provide one-stop services for all customers.

      qulity guarantee

      We always put the products quality in the first place.

      oem is welcome

      We also provide OEM service for you.

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      Cover tunnel machine for equipment maintenance

      According to the project shall be checked: 1. Each part photoelectric switch is wiped; 2. Each place the nozzle cleaning; 3. Check the gas source; 4. Check the foam wax and wax light;


      Car wash machine maintenance

      Equipment parts maintenance on a regular basis 1, regular service content: 1.1 check the rotating parts and infuse lubricating oil 1.1.1 check the machine moving parts, bolts are loose, fall off, should tighten or reinstall as soon as possible.


      Automatic car washing equipment operation is simple

      Automatic car washing machine is convenient to install and use,Driver can wash his car on one-click mode.Alarm system can send information about service fault and report the fault types at any time that you no longer need to worry about service speed.


      13 years of steady development is the root reason of our progress.Today as partners of the automotive industry, the group's business covers the automotive service technology and technological innovation in various fields.

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